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To answer your urgent questions about locksmith issues, we have listed FAQs. Read more below. Get a better idea on what to do when locks get damaged and keys get lost. Excellent answers to basic lock related questions. Helpful and useful!

Why call a locksmith?

Locksmiths are especially skilled in handling your lock concerns.  Other professionals may assist you when you are locked out of your house.  Police officers may attend to your needs but do not have the trained skills and proper equipments in solving your problem.  They may assist you by breaking down your door, but be ready to face expensive repair costs. “Locksmith Fontana” are trained to use their expertise instead of applying force to get you inside your house.

I have been told to buy a safe.  How would this help me?

A safe is a storage place where you can hide your valuables.  There are varieties of safe available in the market.  You have to choose the safe that will suit your needs.  A data safe is helpful in keeping electronic data such as CDs and DVDs. Another type of safe is a fire safe.  This will ensure legal documents are safe from fire and other calamities.

Do locks age, too?

Door locks are certainly affected by the weather conditions and everyday use. They will stop securing your door correctly if the door is also warped and not balanced. Screws, bolts and other equipment of the security door locks might get distorted if force is put onto them and they may also rust over the years, too.

How do I ensure locks and keys are safe?

It starts with the installation of a lock that is strong enough to withstand the onslaught of an intruder at least until you are ready to confront them. The second is engaging in regular maintenance. Do practical things by hiding keys.

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